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Sandra Mary Kranz was born in Melbourne on the 3rd of January 1950, the eldest daughter of Mary and Allan Sargent.
Since Sandra was young she would love to draw. At the age of 12 her parents sent her to art classes in Frankston, above the ten pin bowling building. Each Saturday morning she couldn't wait to go to her painting class which went for 12 months.

At a very early age Sandra was moved by colour plus how lights and darks seem to make a painting. Looking at the sky would delight her for she could see all sorts of shapes.
At the age of only 14 she pleaded with her parents to leave school, her marks were terrible except her art marks, always receiving 99/100. School was not a happy journey for her. So with concern her parents agreed and her first job was at Dickens Supermarket in Frankston, then Pratt Supermarket (Safeway) in Frankston also. By the age of 18 Sandra was employed by Myers Melbourne. This job suited Sandra because the flair suited her artistic nature.

But Sandra always took time to draw whenever she could, always looking at artistic paintings or any chance she could she would look at the Old Masters drawings in books at the library or where ever she could. In fact she would ring her dads cousin Sir William Dargie many many times just to ask some questions and always he would be encouraging and wonderful with his help or comments, especially later on in Sandra's painting career.

At the age of 34 and living in Portland Sandra went to Eric Tonkin at Warrnambool, for painting lessons. He remarked how her style was very like Max Meldrum, so Sandra looked up this artist at the library for she had not heard of him and didn't realize she already had seen his works in books and loved the paintings by Max Meldrum.

Sandra enrolled at the summer school at the Victorian Artist Society Melb to be taught by Shirley Bourne in 1983, for 1 week staying at her aunts place in East Richmond.
After summer school Sandra had a chance to go to Malvern Artist Society in High Street Malvern. This was a huge change of life style for Sandra, for she had to leave by 4:30am every Thursday morning to catch the bus from Portland to Warrnambool. Then the train to Spencer street station, tram to Malvern for art lessons to start at 1pm until 3pm, then to head home back on the tram, train and bus getting back to Portland at 11pm. Sandra wanted to be taught by a good art teacher and to paint direct not using any photos. For 8 years Sandra would do this long day over 600kms each week and only missing a handful of lessons in all that time. Shirley her teacher was worth the long travel to Melbourne each Thursday.

Sandra married John Kranz, had 3 children, sadly they lost their son Joseph in 2005 and being an artist helped her to paint through the terrible grief of losing their darling son.
Sandra's husband who was extremely supportive while Sandra was taking art lessons while living in Portland had to move their family from Portland to Geelong when John was voted the Trades Hall secretary at Geelong, which he served for 14 years. In that time Sandra still attended Shirley's classes in Melbourne on a Friday night held at the Victorian Artist Society for another 4 years.

Over many years Sandra has recorded history with her landscapes over most of Australia and also in Indonesia Thailand, no painting is used from a photo including the night time paintings that Sandra has painted over the years.
Sir William Dargie over the years gave Sandra good guidelines which she always took on board. He was most impressed when she painted Flinders Street and Young and Jackson corner at night, this painting was on view at Young and Jackson for 6 weeks. The painting of Sydney Harbour looking at the Opera House also painted at night was taken from a small study on New Years Eve 2007 on top of the Old Sydney Hotel.

Sandra loves painting anything, it does not matter what it is, for she believes all things are paintable, it is what we see in the subject that matters. As an artist it is important to Sandra to paint and record her travel throughout life, for an artists life is never long enough!

Also Sandra loves painting Fairyland paintings for children, for she just loved Walt Disney cartoons, all of them. Enid Blyton was a favourite of Sandra, with Noddy, Big Ears and all the toys and adventures the Enid had written. And even today Sandra will still pick up a book by her or even get lost in Walt Disney Fairy Tales. Other than that Sandra loves reading about history, especially Australia, plus science books, and anything to do with the Pyramids.

Sandra loves painting portraits and she has painted many over the years. All portraits are important to her, regardless who she has painted. But Sandra has been lucky enough to paint very well known people including Barry Jones Minister for science, Bruce Ruxton president of the R.S.L., Frank Hardy well known writer of 'Power Without Glory', sadly Frank passed away before the portrait was completed. In fact Sandra was the last person Frank spoke to before he died.
Gordon Scholes speaker for the house during the Whitlam term, Geoff Handbury A.O, Allan Myers Q.C. A.O, Ni Rhonji famous Balinese dancer who performed before presidents and also a Japanese Emperor and was married to the famous painter Antonio Blanco Spanish painter, plus John Higgins secretary of the Melbourne M.U.A. 

Sandra painted the 100 day dispute East Swanson Dock 1998 on the day the high court made their ruling on the dispute. The original painting is housed at the head office of the M.U.A. Melbourne. A print was produced of this painting and 1000 printed. In every major port of the shipping world this print is on display. Nelson Mandela, Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein leader; Captain Arnie Rinner of the Tampa (over board people) also has this print.
Liverpool Dockers Soccer Club in the U.K. have the print on display also.
Sandra was an invited guest at the 10th Anniversary of the M.U.A. dispute held in Sydney, and the painting was on show in Sydney on loan from Melbourne.

Sandra teaches paintings at H.I.R.L. Hamilton on Tuesday night, plus at TAFE through the Adult Education Centre in Hamilton on a Wednesday night. It is her strong belief that she wants to pass her training down to the young, it is most important! Sandra was so lucky to have a good teacher and Sir William Dargie who encouraged her for years.

Rembrandt, Turner, Constable, Tom Roberts, Hans Heyson, plus John Singer Sargent who is related to Sandra, have inspired her since she was young, but many painters that are not mentioned have left a mark on her also.

Before Sandra has to put the brushes away she wants to paint through Europe and to record history more in Australia. And to see the young pass on the information that was given to her by Sir William Dargie and Shirley Bourne.